Frequently Asked Questions

I receive many questions from concerned consumers about the home inspection process, home inspectors, new home construction, and many other topics. In fact, I could write a book about just the inquiries on new home construction inspections and new home warranty inspections. Because of their importance, I have answered some of the common questions regarding these two main types of inspections below.

Who needs a home inspection?

If you're buying a newly constructed or preowned house, you need an inspection for your protection. Also, sellers benefit from home inspections by knowing the condition of their property before listing. They are spared the embarrassment of the buyer's home inspector finding major defects with their house and holding up the transaction. If your new home still has a warranty from the builder, it is wise to have a home inspection before it expires. I haven't seen a house yet that did not need some kind of repairs. The cost of these repairs almost always would outweigh the cost of the inspection. You shouldn't be the one to pay for something the builder overlooked or ignored.

I've looked this house over real good myself (or had my dad, brother, etc.), why do I need an inspection?

I have the knowledge, experience, and know-how that only comes with being in the inspection industry and inspecting hundreds of homes. I know what to look for and where to look for it. On the average home, there are more than 400 items that should be checked. While you or someone you may know can examine the home and roughly determine the outward condition of it, I inspect homes day in and day out every week of the year and know what to look for in your home. It's my job to spot flaws, defects, and/or conditions that the average person or handyman would overlook.

What do you think sets you apart from other home inspectors in the area?

The Greater Houston area is blessed with many inspectors that do a good job. It's also sadly saturated with many inspectors who are only out there to make a quick buck. I know from firsthand experience what it's like to buy a home only to start having problems shortly afterward and end up paying for large repair bills out of my own pocket. Who wants to assume someone else's repair cost? That's why I give my clients a thorough and detailed report outlining the condition of the house and bring to their attention any items or conducive conditions that may cause them problems in the future. Even most of the good inspectors in the area will only write down something that is obviously wrong, while missing or ignoring evidence that could point to problems down the road.

What do your home inspections include?

Since every home is different, inspected items may vary from home to home. You receive peace of mind that your home has been professionally inspected and your home inspector will be there to answer questions for you should you have them.

Just a few of the areas my inspections will include:

Visible Plumbing and Electrical
Roof and Roof Structure
Structural Systems
Mechanical Systems
Built-In Appliances
A/Cs and Furnaces