Thorough, Detailed Property Inspections Worth the Price

Performing only one or two inspections a day allows me the time necessary to complete a meticulous assessment of your property without feeling rushed. This also means my rate is a little higher than most of my competitors, but you avoid a cheap inspection that adds extra costs down the road. The smaller additional amount paid upfront now saves you considerably in the future.

Types of Inspections Performed

• Luxury Properties
• New Home Construction Phase
• One-Year, End-of-Builder's Warranty
• Commercial Buildings
• Roofs
• Aerobic Systems
• Boat Docks & Houses
• Bulk Heads
• Energy Conservation
• Green Building
• Sprinkler Systems
• Construction Draw Inspections

*We can also schedule your WDI and pool inspections. Just ask for more info on these when you call.


Proof in the Report

The inspection report is every bit as important as the inspection itself. Beware of how some inspectors will say, "Don't worry, I'll tell you all the things that are wrong with the home, so I don't have to put it all in the report." This is just their way of getting out of reporting defects. If it's not in the report, you cannot renegotiate and may end up losing money. The single best method of comparing inspectors is their reports. It reflects the knowledge and professionalism of the inspector. This is why I am dedicated to thoroughness, accuracy, and service.